Easy management

All you need is: internet-connection and a browser-capable device (Laptop/PC).

From any location

You can control your content and devices from the luxury of your office or home. Perfect solution if your devices (displays) are scattered in different locations of the world.

In real-time

As long as your devices are connected to internet, you can interact with them in real time (see their status, change their content, push instant Ads etc.).



Register your receivers (android-devices). View their status and interact with them in real-time.


Create and manage publishers who will advertise on your screens.


Create virtual displays on the fly using a WYSIWYG page. You can split them into multiple parts where each part will play it's own content.


Group receivers into virtual networks (for eaiser management).


Create Ads and upload your files (videos, images, html-pages and text).

Play lists

Use your uploaded Ads to create playlists. Set ordering and duration of the Ads or pause them at any time.

Our App

ClickAD.TV android app (the receiver) is built in such a way that once it's installed, it does not require any user interaction.

It starts automatically on device-boot and becomes ready to be controlled remotely (when connected to internet).

It synchronizes/downloads the content automatically.

  • Runs on Android-OS v.4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher
  • Works offline
  • Is reliable and secure

Get App

Download our android app and start showing your Ads on your devices!